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This blog is all about savings groups and how they can be created in communities throughout Guatemala. My name is Andrew Becker (learn more about me on the “How I Got Here” page of this blog) and I am working in Guatemala with Soluciones Comunitarias (SolCom) to figure out the best way go about creating these savings groups. SolCom is a Guatemalan social business that uses the MicroConsignment Model to allow local entrepreneurs to sell their products. The products they offer are things such as water filters, solar powered lamps, wood stoves, etc. SolCom is supported by Community Enterprise Solutions (CES), an American nonprofit that “identifies, trains, equips and supports individuals and organizations to provide sustainable solutions that address long-standing rural, economic, health and educational problems.”

With the support of both SolCom and CES I hope to discover how SolCom can offer savings group training as a service along with their other products. The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences as I navigate my way through this process. I am new in the savings group field and will be learning a lot as I am thrown into the fire here. If you are interested in development work, particularly savings groups, I encourage you to follow along and learn with me.


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